Laboratory tests such as structural, thermal, missile or windborne debris impact, and seismic and wind induced inter-story drift are not applicable to replace field tests. Field mockup structural testing is necessary to confirm performance of a specific system.

The functional test is important for the AE design team to evaluate and review several items, As such, dew point and water pressure, exterior drainage plane and wind barrier, interior air barrier and vapor barrier, exhaust re-entrainment, micro climate analysis, thermal performance continuity, thermal performance peak and peak occupancy air conditioning impact, building envelope pressure and air leakage, and roof ice dam.

There are several useful field performance evaluation and verification procedures for building envelope wall system assembly. Among them, infrared imaging of building envelope, infrared imaging and smoke tracer with building pressure manipulation, infrared imaging to locate moisture infiltration and leakage into the thermal envelope, water penetration of installed windows, skylights, doors, curtain walls, and wall assemblies, exhaust impacts on air intakes or impact sewer gas leakage, concrete floor moisture emission testing, and building envelope pressure monitoring.

The broad scope of testing that RAS provides based on National Standards include:

Performance of Glass Railing Systems
Safe Load Testing of Balcony Slab
Safeguards Load Testing of Metal Railings
Testing of Metal Thickness and Coatings of New Railings
Air Leakage through installed Windows and Doors
Deglazing Force of Fenestration
Door's Glass Safety Impact Testing
Dynamic Pressure Test for Water Penetration
Hardness Testing of Window's Sealants
Indentation Hardness of Elastomeric Sealants
Insulating Glass Edge Seal Tensile Test
Measuremnt of Thickness of Coatings on Metals
Measuring the Forced Entry Resistance of Sliding Door
Measuring the Forced Entry Resistance of Windows
QA and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Check of Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls, and Sloped Glazing Systems
Rate of Air Leakage through Doors and Windows
Windows, Curtain Walls
Air Infiltration Water Leaks Moisture
Structural Load Testing Railings Tie-Backs
Connectors Welding Bolting

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