The building envelope is a critical component of any facility since it protects the building occupants and plays a major role in protecting the indoor environment and deterioration of materials and contents. The envelope can be considered the most important element of a building since it interacts with the harsh environment and the indoor heating, cooling, ventilating, and natural lighting needs.

Many claims regarding construction defects involve allegations of water or moisture intrusion. Having the experience to recognize where most mechanisms of failure occur, based on our testing experience, is crucial for effective representation.

At RAS, clients benefit from the diverse testing-related knowledge of our technical staff, and the latest technology employed in supporting experts. This convergence of experience and technology translates into the best possible outcome for forensic investigations.

RAS performs testing of building materials, the whole building enclosure, and the evaluation of indoor air quality. Forensic investigation includes the evaluation of assemblies such as roof, facade, concrete restoration, windows, balconies, and garage.

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