Evaluating your Flood Risk

Evaluating your Flood Risk

Flood Season is upon us and there are many details to consider in order to remain safe and keep your building watertight.

At RAS, we want to ensure that you are prepared this King Tide Season and have implemented a five-step program for property managers and owners in flood prone areas.

  1. Recognizing the flood risk of the property. RAS evaluates risky areas of the building by reviewing a current land survey provided by the owner.

  2. Based on risk evaluation a shortlist of the areas subject to flood is created.

  3. Review as-built plumbing and drainage drawings provided by the owner.

  4. Site visit to evaluate flood risk areas including sample testing of underground using radar and thermography scanning.

  5. Flood mitigation plan.

Evaluating your flood risk is essential in South Florida providing you with the tools you need to ensure your property is protected.

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