RAS’s Total Construction Quality program is our approach to reducing construction defects using Quality Assurance, QA is different than the common Quality Control. QC emphasizes testing products to find defects, whereas Quality Assurance attempts to improve and stabilize construction and associated process (or at least minimize issues which led to defects in the first place). QA includes management of the raw materials, assembly products and components, services relating to the construction, installation, and management of the production and inspection services. To be effective the QA program should start in the design specifications phase.  A good Performance Testing plan within the project manual and evaluation of the competence of proposed workers is essential.

This will allow the developer to avoid many issues when selecting personnel and materials, especially in green and trending high-rise building projects. Total Construction Quality is dependent upon that of the participants’ constituents. Since construction defects usually are a combination of design, construction, installation, or product failure, RAS acting as Quality Assurance Engineer should be hired directly by the Financial Stakeholder, usually the developer or owner, to avoid conflict of interest. RAS takes careful consideration in every aspect of the project and if the specifications do not reflect the true performance requirements of the building, the construction or restoration quality cannot be guaranteed.

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